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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twice A Bride

by Mona Hodgson

About This Book
Full of resolve, young widow Willow Peterson decides to pursue her dreams to be an artist as she settles into a new life in the growing mountain town of Cripple Creek.  When she lands a job working as a portrait painter with handsome entrepreneur and photographer Trenton Van Der Veer, the road before Willow seems to be taking a better-than-anticipated turn. 

With questions tugging at several hearts in town, including the Sinclair Sisters’ beloved Miss Hattie, change is traveling down the tracks as several unexpected visitors make their way out West.  Will the new arrivals threaten the deep family bonds of the Sinclair sisters and the roots of love that are just taking hold for Willow?

My Review
This is book 4 in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series.  I have read two of the books and have found them to both be very enjoyable.  Willow is actually a sister-in-law to one of the Sinclair sisters, but is welcomed as a part of the family.  She had been institutionalized for depression after her husband’s death.  She is tired of everyone treating her like a piece of glass so she decides she is going to stand on her own and begin a new life. 
Trenton Van Der Veer is not your typical romantic hero.  He has a speech impediment and it has scarred him throughout his life.  He knows who God is but hasn’t been to church since his parents convinced their church to exorcise the demons causing him to stutter – he was embarrassed and mortified.  He was engaged but the young woman broke his heart and he is not looking for love. 
He is a photographer and finally settles down in Cripple Creek thanks to a good friend.  Willow is a portrait painter and he hires her to do work for his clients, mistakenly thinking she is married.  When he finds she is a widowed, he is secretly relieved.  Can these two overcome their pasts to find true love?
The characters are the strongest part of this book – they are very well written, fully developed  and easy to empathize with.   As you read the book, both Willow and Trenton grow in faith and it’s encouraging to you in your faith.  The related stories with the Sinclair sisters bring lightheartedness and help the book to be a quick, easy read without too much worry, gloom and darkness. 
IT is possible to read this book as an individual book even though there are brief references to past story lines in the first three books.  You wonder what happened but it’s not a bad thing – you’ll just want to go back and read the first three books !!
Final review – FIVE out of five stars!!
NOTE – I received this book free through the Blogging for Books program at WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing for my review.  I was, in no way, obligated to give a positive review.

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